Vegan Kin Thi Baan Feast for Two


Vegan Kin Thi Baan Feast for Two

Deep-fried cashew & peanuts coated in larb spices

Spring salad, grilled baby leeks, lightly marinated courgette, pea, pea shoot, watercress, chilli citrus dressing

Celeriac golae red peanut curry, charcoal grilled on banana leaf, pickled ginger

Parlow of King oyster mushrooms, tofu, served with fermented mustard greens, chilli vinegar

*Parlow is a rich 5 spice broth, garlic, coriander root is cooked with whole and ground spices, soy, vegetable stock is added and cooked slowly creating a deep aromatic flavour

Jasmine Rice


Sesame banana fritter, peanut brittle &  tamarind caramel

Allergens: peanuts, soya, cashews, sesame, sulphites

(Gluten free menu)

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