New Year’s Eve Finish at home Thai Feast


Available for New Years Eve ONLY
This menu is prepared to finish at home, and will include re-heating/assembly instructions
Orders must be in by 29th December at 5pm


Thai snacks & a cocktail

Pomelo Negroni for 2
Lamb mataba, slow cooked lamb, spices, spring onions, coriander wrapped in crispy roti dough
Laos pork larp stuffed lemongrass, minced pork, larp spices, lime juice, roasted rice
Tapioca dumplings, palm sugar, peanuts, pork & chicken mince wrapped in tapioca dough
Miang, dried galangal powder, palm sugar, dried prawns, peanuts, lime, pomelo

Main courses
Mussaman curry, braised whole duck leg, quince, peanuts
Stir-fry of enoki, oyster mushrooms, flowering chives, garlic, chilli
Cured salmon salad, pear, lemongrass, young coconut, kaffir lime leaf, mint, coriander, citrus chilli dressing
Steamed sticky rice / Jasmine rice


Mandarin mousse, mandarin curd, coconut biscuit, dark chocolate shell, gold leaf

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